Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Spring In Winter

Avalanche Narcissi
Photo: Chronica Domus

I am all astonishment as to what has become of winter here in San Francisco.  During the last three weeks of December, and practically all of January, the temperature can best be described as mild, even slightly uncomfortably hot, on most days.  My heavy winter coat has hardly seen the light of day this winter.  Now we are being told that California has entered into a period of drought unlike anything seen in the entire history of the state.  The effects, unfortunately, are already visible.  I worry for the flora and fauna.  I worry for the farmers who toil in the dry soil, and what will become of their thirsty crops.  I just worry.

 Avalanche Narcissi at the front door
Photo: Chronica Domus

The unprecedented warm spell has also welcomed the traditional harbingers of spring this winter around my home.    In the front garden, in full bloom, I see a pretty row of dainty heirloom narcissi Avalanche to brighten the way towards my front door.  A mockingbird has taken up residence atop the tall yew trees and has been singing its melodious tunes almost constantly over the past few weeks.  Old-fashioned forget-me-not plants that self-seeded have revealed their diminutive sky blue flowers to the world.  It truly feels like spring has arrived, early.

Forget-me-nots have not been forgotten this winter
Photo: Chronica Domus

I also see signs of grape hyacinths (Muscari Armeniacum) rearing their spear-like heads, and the green leafy tips of other varieties of narcissi that will surely be in bloom within the next month or so.  I have even spied the first bloom on the magnolia tree (Magnolia x Soulangeana Black Tulip), which has no business showing its dramatic color in the month of January.  What has become of winter in this topsy-turvy year?

Black Tulip Magnolia
Photo: Chronica Domus

I must declare that although I eagerly await the arrival of these cheery blooms that awaken my garden each spring, it is a little unnerving to think that the rest of the nation is presently experiencing record snowfalls and low temperatures.  Perhaps by sharing a little of my garden through these photographs, the arrival of spring will be hastened at your home.

What, if any, untimely effects have you experienced this winter season?


  1. Hello CD: Thank you for commenting on my blog, which has brought me here to look at yours. I see that we drink from the same well, and I look forward to getting to know you better as you post additional essays. Best Regards, RD

    1. Hello Reggie, I am thrilled to bits (and humbled) to have received my very first comment on my new blog from such a star of the blogosphere.

      To date, I've only dipped my toe in the waters as a commenter on your blog (LizaE), but finally decided to throw caution to the wind and start my own blog.

      Thank you for taking the time to comment. I do hope you continue reading in hopes of finding something inspiring or amusing to hold your interest.

    2. What! It is only NOW that I learn you are LizaE, one of my most treasured readers!!!! This is marvelous, indeed! Ever so, Reggie


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