Monday, January 27, 2014

Chronica Domus: An Introduction

Reflection in the convex mirror of our home's vestibule
Photo: Chronica Domus

Welcome to my blog.  I am an inveterate curious being who enjoys the process of discovering the simple joys of home and hearth, gardening and travel.  I am a Brit who moved to the San Francisco Bay Area in the early 1990's and lives in a 1920's home with 1820's sensibilities.  English Regency and American Federal decorative arts inspire my style at home, which I share with my adoring husband, young daughter, Patience, and ever trusty canine companion, Mavro.

This blog is an attempt at chronicling the ruminations of a life spent puttering around the home and garden, excursions to places of interest both near and far, and anything else that may capture my interest and inspire curiosity.

Please feel free to join in the banter and leave a comment or two.  Do remember your good manners (old-fashioned, I know, but never out of fashion).  Queensbury rules apply. 


  1. Welcome to blogland, and thank you for commenting on mine! I will be adding you to my reading list!

  2. Hello PD, Thank you for stopping by and for the warm welcome to blogland that you've extended. I'm just getting the gist of things around here but hope you find something of interest in my scribblings to return often. I too will be adding your blog to my list, now that I have that little feature figured out!


Please do leave a comment as I enjoy the dialogue with my readership, thank you.

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