Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Coming Up For Air

Please excuse my absence from the Blogosphere.  I have been rather over-scheduled as of late with much to distract me.  All of it pleasant, mind you.  I needed to come up for air and thought I would say a quick hello to those of you who might be wondering where I've been.

Normal service will, of course, resume shortly.  You may be interested to learn that I have been working on a number of posts which I hope you'll find interesting and engaging.  So, until then, please do stay tuned.



  1. I look forward to your next posts and hearing all your latest news!

  2. funny enough i was about to email you!

  3. Looking forward to your return with eager anticipation.


  4. The Den's NYC Bureau Chief reported citing that celebrated Hudson Valley/UES aesthete gallivanting round town resplendent in a crisply tailored seersucker...with a marmalade stain upon his lapel.
    GSL was "chartreuse with envy" to borrow a phrase from our Dear Reggie.

    1. Have just awakened in cold sweat from nightmare featuring the 20th Century's most esteemed schoolmarms: my grandmother, Mrs. ( Mary Lou) Cooper of Mansfield, Ohio and Miss Bottle of Kent, England shaking their heads with looks of deep disgust.
      A shamefaced GSL amends prior statement as: Reggie's stained lapel was "sighted" not "cited".

    2. I have many happy memories of Mansfield, Ohio (not the Reformatory, I hasten to point out, much as I would love to tour it, but rather the rest of the town). --Jim

    3. Now Jim one of those happy memories could have been witnessing what nusic historians will one day consider The Golden Age of Choral Music for 28 years from the '50s -70s was under the masterful direction of Mary Lou Cooper at First United Methodist...I have it on good authority that when Grandma entered the Pearly Gates, Bach, Beethoven, & Handel welcomed her with thanks for a job well done.

  5. Oh, thank goodness. I was beginning to worry a little. Do so enjoy your blog!

  6. Not going anywhere:). I hope you take some time to breathe.


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